“When I first started with Suki I came with a single, clear challenge in mind. What happened next was unexpected – we uncovered and resolved so much more than just that initial challenge. Who knew our minds can be so cluttered!

Through her stories and discerning questions, Suki has helped me gain a new perspective on life and the challenges I was facing. In this way, Suki has helped me get into a calmer flow of life with a more inquisitive and positive outlook.

Together, we rediscovered the joy of life and the value of self-love. I have gone from doing the things that I thought I needed to do, the tasks I felt obliged to complete, to simply being myself and the person I wanted to be.

Garden of Ayden helped me go beyond self-development and onto a journey of calm and peace. With a clear and undisturbed mind, I can now focus on my dreams and my life’s purpose – without any fear.

I thank Suki and Garden of Ayden for the wonderful insight and the support, encouragement and belief in me!

I am embarking on a new part of my life and I am so excited!''