By having a solid base, we can weather the toughest storms. The anchor reminds us to stay grounded in our beliefs and humble to the people around us.


The Anchor represents you being grounded in positive values and principles of a growth mindset. With strong roots planted in the right place, possibilities of growth are limitless. The Anchor could potentially represent your resistance to change, to bring you to awareness that you were perhaps trapped in your ways. Perhaps you allowed your perceptions to be an absolute non-negotiable and rigid reality which you were struggling with to step away from until now. The soil you had possibly planted under your feet was maybe not fully fertile and hence your initiatives could not bear the fruit you had imagined.


Understand with Empathy.

• I don’t believe everything I think.

• The key to change is within me.

• I trust myself.

• I am self accountable.

• It is what it is. I accept every step of my journey.

• I can alter my impression on any negative consequences from my past.


The compass is our direction. It gives us a sense of purpose and focus. We make sure to pursue a meaningful course for our own lives and the lives of our children.


You are well grounded and know where you are. Due north is clearly identifiable on your compass and you are armed with the necessary skills and tools to make your journey confidently, you feel crystal clear in your vision, as you follow your path to success. If you are unsure of where you are, it is challenging to determine where you are going and to determine the best path to get you to your desired destination. Your compass may not be able to identify due north should you be somewhat lost and without some clear goals and direction on your journey.


Travel in the right direction.

• I can determine my path.

• Focus on the destination, but don’t forget the journey to get there.

•Remember where you started.



May all the work you do bear fruit and remember to stop and smell the blossoms.


Bearing fruits is life’s only objective – whether you are working on establishing the pillars of love, wealth, or happiness. Healthy fruits are the result of a combination of getting our anchor, our direction, our belief system and our horizons aligned in order to enjoy the harvest of our efforts. Should our tree be rooted in the wrong soil, unsure of ourselves and limited by our misperceptions, limited knowledge or lack of alternatives, our branches may never bear the fruit we had imagined.


Be conscious of your true self.

• I can discipline my mind to focus on the beauty.

• My self-esteem is derived from my self-respect.

• I believe in the power of the universe.



We believe that in order to secure the successful future of our planet, we need to invest in our youth by instilling them with the right core values.


We are open to growth, to learning and to discovering new things. No journey is too long, no challenge too big. We can all be whatever we want to be. Our horizons are as wide as we make them. However, it is possible that our vision of the world is potentially limited by fear and ignorance as well as the dogma that we have taken blindly to be our truth? We may feel that our possibilities are limited by this incomplete and imperfect world, and we need to change our confines by opening our minds to different viewpoints and possibilities.


Be responsible and ethical.

• I make my own decisions when I am calm.

• I can remove violence and aggression as useless tools.

• I measure my responses(coping).

• I am aware that we transfer our beliefs to our children.

• I understand that I do not own my children. They are my keepsake.