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Enter the Garden (English)

  • 18заданий

О марафоне

Garden of Ayden defines success as a measure of how we feel within. By untangling the feelings that are sometimes challenging to define, we are able to release preconceived ideas and misinterpretations to find ease healthy well-being and joy in limitless capacities . Enter the Garden is the foundation for all work and conversations with Garden of Ayden. M1 - IMPRESSIONISM - Perceptions and Illusions B1 - Misconceptions and limiting beliefs B2 - Understanding the beautiful complexity of the human being. B3 - The irony of the importance of the ‘I.’ M2 - THE GREENHOUSE - Self Reflection B1 - What were the contexts during my childhood? B2 - What impact does my childhood have on my today? B3 - By questioning my childhood beliefs, I see myself differently. M3 - THE SEASON OF YOUR HEART - Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge B1 - Observing the Pattern of my Thoughts B2 - A Close Look in the Mirror B3 - The Renovation of my Thoughts M4 - MOTHER NATURE VS MOTHER NURTURE - Self-Accountability B1 - The Correlation of Heart, Mind, Body and Soul B2 - A deep breath of forgiveness and releasing triggers B3 - Looking at my Definition of Harmony M5 - WALTZING IN THE WILDERNESS OR IN WISDOM - Responsibility B1 - The Importance of Graceful Communication B2 - The Kaleidoscope of Non-Verbal-Communication B3 - The Kaleidoscope of Verbal Communication M6 - PRUNING OF THE TREE - Creating your Vision B1 - The Beauty of Self-Trust B2 - Defining My Purpose B3 - Surrender and Flow






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