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Wir laden Sie ein, sich uns nach Abschluss als Botschafter anzuschließen

den ''ENTER THE GARDEN COURSE'', indem Sie uns eine E-Mail an senden

Eine besondere Botschaft unseres Gründers an alle zukünftigen Botschafter:

Invitation to AmbassadorsSukaiyna Gokal
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Our Ambassadors

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Arabic Ambassador:


We are pleased to announce Lara Sabella as our first Ambassador. Our Enter the Garden program is available online in Arabic Language.

Lara Sabella has been in education for the past twenty-three years at the Ahliyyah and Mutran School in Amman Jordan.  With a BA in English Literature from Richmond The American International University in London, and an MA in Linguistics and Translations from SOAS University of London, Lara had dedicated her life to teaching and empowering youth to live holistic balanced lives and to discover their authentic voices through Literature, creative writing and mindfulness. Lara continues to follow her evocation personally and professionally. 

Lara Sabella

French Ambassador:

We are pleased to announce Sophie Licht as our French Ambassador. Our Enter the Garden program is now being founded online in the French Language.


Sophie holds an International Coaching Federation supported certification in Business and Personal Coaching from the Creative Consciousness International Coaching Academy (affiliated with ICF) which she attained in 2008 and since then it has been her joy to help others find more meaning, peace and success in their lives and in businesses. Fluent in Dutch, French, English and Hebrew, she excels in quickly understanding challenges and making a vast difference in a client's individual success and progress.

As an International Coach, Speaker and Art Photographer, Sophie’s purpose and mission
in life is to transform, inspire and empower individuals and businesses alike.


Sophie Licht

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