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We invite you to join us as Ambassador once you have completed

the ''ENTER THE GARDEN COURSE'' by e-mailing us at

A Special Message from our founder to all future Ambassadors:

Invitation to AmbassadorsSukaiyna Gokal
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Our Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce Lara Sabella as our first Ambassador. Our Enter the Garden program is now being founded online in Arabic Language.

Lara Sabella has been in education for the past twenty-three years at the Ahliyyah and Mutran School in Amman Jordan.  With a BA in English Literature from Richmond The American International University in London, and an MA in Linguistics and Translations from SOAS University of London, Lara had dedicated her life to teaching and empowering youth to live holistic balanced lives and to discover their authentic voices through Literature, creative writing and mindfulness. Lara continues to follow her evocation personally and professionally. 

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