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What are One on One Sessions?

One on One Sessions are INTIMATE conversations in BESPOKE sessions, to address your specific NEEDS or YEARNING that require UNDERSTANDING or RESOLUTION, to bring a sense of PEACE or PASSION to your journey.

“Being around Sukaiyna has been life changing, she helped and is still helping me with looking at all the beautiful things in life. The Garden of Ayden is such a lovely garden, which makes beauty feel contagious. The walks I take through this garden always bring out what’s best in me, thus bringing out what’s best in the people around me. I think if there were 10 more Suki’s in this world we’d be able to achieve world peace.”

Our private sessions take place in person, by Zoom or by BOTIM. The sessions are prepared for in advance, by you completing a form that Sukaiyna studies prior to the first session. This allows for no wastage of time with information gathering, it also gives Sukaiyna a detailed understanding of your needs that enables her to assist you with immediate results.

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