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When my dear grandmother passed in July I felt so empty, a sadness I had never felt before.

My bommake (grandmother) was everything to me and we had such a unique, close connection. She was one of a few persons I felt truly comfortable with.

Listening to the Garden of Ayden “Grace of Grief” sessions by Sukaiyna has been so helpful to accompany me on this journey and gave me so much strength to move forward in a positive way.

I now understand that it is ok to feel sad and I no longer resist my own feelings. Also, it is ok if I need to take distance for a while. The feeling of missing means the love was and is so strong and that is such a beautiful thing. No one will be able to replace my grandmother and that is ok.

Through listening to the sessions, I learned that I have the ability to turn any pain into sweet memories and that I have to look within myself for relief, knowing that I have the resources inside.

In addition, Sukaiyna shares amazing practical tips for dealing with grief, such as creating a ritual to honor loved ones on special days of the year. When feeling sad, I will remember that I can miss my grandmother in a joyful way, as well as maintain momentous memories with grace, gratitude, honor & respect.

I can still talk to my grandmother as if she was here, knowing what advice she can give me.

Thank you Sukaiyna for giving me such a positive perspective. I am honoring the memory of gratitude, it’s beautiful! My grandmother was & still is my rock.