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One On One Sessions

One On One Sessions are intimate conversations in bespoke sessions, to address your specific needs or yearning that require understanding or resolution, to bring a sense of peace or passion to your journey.

Our private sessions take place in person, by Zoom or by BOTIM. The sessions are prepared for in advance, by you completing a form that Sukaiyna studies prior to the first session. This allows for no wastage of time with information gathering, it also gives Sukaiyna a detailed understanding of your needs that enables her to assist you with immediate results.

One On One SessionsSukaiyna Gokal
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“I live in the United States, and I am a 62-year-old man.  I’m successful in business, but for decades I have felt there was something missing in my life, missing in me.  I was off-balance, unfulfilled, I self-loathed.  I felt guilty about things in the past, was absent much of the time in the present, and I worried about the future.  I found solace in food and drink and then felt guilty about those behaviors.  I’d been to counselors in the past and found them lacking.  I knew I had a higher purpose in life, but I was stuck and frustrated, despondent.  In addition, I was impacted mentally by the pandemic and the racial and political unrest in the USA.

I’ve been searching for help, and I stumbled across Sukaiyna and Garden of Ayden.  I observed from afar by reading her messaging, watching videos, perusing  I then decided to inquire about, and I ultimately enrolled in, 1:1 sessions with Sukaiyna.  I was skeptical how someone in Dubai could help me virtually, but I decided to try.

Over the last month, Sukaiyna and I have met once a week, and she has led me on a journey of self-discovery.  She helped me shed the past and free myself of its bonds.  Sukaiyna helped me find good things inside of me that were always there, but I had either forgotten about them or never uncovered them.  She helped me take control of my life, held me accountable, supported me, and believed in me.  Sukaiyna showed me how I could use these lessons I have learned to help others, which is my true calling.  I now know that always knew that.  I never knew how to do it.

I am continuing my evolution and and I am excited for my journey to continue. Sukaiyna helped me immensely, by opening my eyes to the fact that everything I needed was already inside me Working with Sukaiyna has been a true blessing in my life, and I am forever grateful to her.”

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