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The Grace of Grief

The Grace of Grief is a retrospective that allows you to observe yourself gently with emotional logic while you navigate the heartache and sorrow of losing someone. During this difficult time, it felt important to provide a hand to hold, and a mirror with a healthy contemplation while so many of us have lost so many loved ones.


I hope it provides you with courage, strength and wisdom.

We are here for you.

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''Hello Dear Sukaiyna, Thank you so much for these 3 videos and your words of comfort. Really appreciate your gesture, Only thing about your 3 videos i would like to say is they're so soothing so peaceful to hear especially Branch 1 'Validating Valour', it really took me back n forth with fond memories with my Mom, it brought more tears of happiness and less of pain as even i felt she's in a better world better place and happy with with my father who left me in 2011 . I pray and hope wherever she is ... she and my dad are always with me guiding me looking after me my wife and kids. Thank you so much for thinking about me at this hour of my grief for sharing these videos & for your prayers.''

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