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Parent Alienation Syndrome Solutions

What is Parent Alienation Syndrome?

Parent Alienation Syndrome occurs when one parent distances the children from the other parent.

What is Parent Alienation Syndrome Solutions?

Parent Alienation Syndrome Solutions is a non-judgmental accountability journey of healing, love and care whilst ensuring neither parent nor children lose their emotional bond.

Our private sessions take place in person, by Zoom or by BOTIM. The sessions are prepared for in advance, by you completing a form that Sukaiyna studies prior to the first session. This allows for no wastage of time with information gathering, it also gives Sukaiyna a detailed understanding of your needs that enables her to assist you with immediate results.

Parental Alienation SyndromeSukaiyna Gokal
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“I had lost hope of any possibility to resolve the loss of contact with my child. What I learnt with Garden of Ayden and in the private sessions with Sukaiyna was that I needed to believe it was possible to regain positive relationships. I hadn’t realised what a role forgiveness and reframing my own thought patterns played. I had to let go of my own resistance and fear in order to start re-building authentically again. Anger and aggression were stumbling blocks I need to release in order to find the way back to a path of peace. My respect and utmost gratitude, my life has taken a semblance of tranquility within, once again.”

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