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The Art Of Affirmation

The Art Of Affirmation is a process of ensuring validation in sessions to address any explicit or implicit conflicts that require mediation. They assist to bring empathy, streamlined thinking and therefore a sense of measured balance, in your workplace or your home.

Our private sessions take place in person, by Zoom or by BOTIM.

The sessions are prepared for in advance, by you completing a form that Sukaiyna studies prior to the first session. This allows for no wastage of time with information gathering, it also gives Sukaiyna a detailed understanding of your needs that enables her to assist you with immediate results.

Art Of AffirmationSukaiyna Gokal
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“Garden of Ayden, under the Patronage of Sukaiyna Gokal has a unique ability to authentically mirror and bring to light, challenging topics that individuals and/or families may face. She has the capacity to empathetically touch the core of the individual in question to understand and release issues that may create disharmony. Equipped with an impressive sense of self-awareness, one may wholesomely and safely leave oneself in Sukaiyna’s hands to mediate any discord, bring comfortable proximity where there has been estrangement or even to simply infuse positivity in family spirit. She handles situations in a non-judgmental way with delicacy, tact, elegance, keeping freedom, honour and integrity as the main pillars for those she works with.”

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