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Note From Founder

We have never found a common language across the globe, finding words to untangle the feelings that are delicate to define.

The root of the issue that we face in our world today is that we all require validation to know that what we think, do or feel has value. We all search for that which will fill the void or answer the questions that we ponder and contemplate.

Garden of Ayden assists us in finding the ability to counter the obstacles that present themselves in life and overcome them with diligence and certainty.

The answers we need to find are buried within ourselves and Garden of Ayden provides the mirror and tools for self-reflection.

We have developed a system that is all-inclusive to all religions, nations and cultures, is accessible across multiple platforms, and has driving principles that can be agreed to by all.

It is a project very close to my heart and I feel deep respect in sharing this work with you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the journey.

Sukaiyna Gokal

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Brand Roots

Conceived from parents from India, in Iraq where the family had a heritage of 100 years, Sukaiyna believes she is a proof of love.

With the backdrop of turbulence, and yet blessed with a comfortable life, the journey of duality, courage and forbearance became Sukaiyna’s crest and led her to eventually embark on her personal journey of self-discovery after enduring many challenges during a colourful life.

After working in luxury for some years, Sukaiyna developed the belief that the highest form of luxury is the education of our inner person. Our mental, emotional and spiritual evolution is fundamental to a happy and peaceful journey for us and especially for our children.

Garden of Ayden was born in 2012 to celebrate the birth of her son Ayden. It is Sukaiyna’s expression of her studies in psychology and all the various schools of thought that exist among our cultures and religions.

Garden of Ayden is based upon universal values that all may agree upon. Sukaiyna believes that the Garden of Ayden platform is invaluable and priceless; hence no cost may be attached to it. It seeks to empower the individual and give them the tools they need to manage the challenges that inevitably appear along the journey of life.

A graduate of Institut Le Rosey, she is a British national who has lived and worked in Geneva, London, Paris, Tehran, Hong Kong and Dubai. She maintains a global perspective in her approach to work, aided by knowledge of eight languages. Sukaiyna personally works with individuals and families to empower their journey.


-Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy and Counselling Skills

-Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) including the Psychology of Depression, Grieving and Loss

-Foundation Certificates in Satir Model Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families

-Society of NLP™ Licensed Master Practitioner and Coach

-International Youth Etiquette Consultant certified by the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London

-Licensed as a Think Buzan Instructor in Mind Mapping

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